On this page, you’ll find all the hardware projects I’ve built, along with some insights into devices that I haven’t designed but use daily.
Some of these are available in the following online shops:
Tindie: (only in USD)

Simple WiFi RS232 Modem
This device connects a computer with a standard RS232 serial port to a Telnet BBS. As a longtime enthusiast of modems, I became the first Fidonet sysop in my hometown, and my passion for telecommunications persists. The Simple WiFi RS232 Modem marked my inaugural hardware project, initiated in 2018 and continuously refined through numerous hardware revisions.
Here, you can access detailed instructions on its usage and discover the computers I’ve connected to.

Commodore 64 Serial Port Adapter
It’s a modern remake of the Commodore VIC-1011 interface with UP9600 enhancement to allow baud rates up to 9600.

Simple Rom Cartridge for Zx Spectrum Interface 2
A Custom Rom Cartridge for Zx Spectrum Interface 2 with four selectable ROMSZx Spectrum Interface 2 ROM

PI1541 Cycle exact 1541 emulator for Commodore 64