“HAL’s friends” is a collection of home computers and video games, spanning from the early 1980s to the present day.

Computers are my passion, and having experienced the birth of mass computerization, I decided to pay homage, but above all, to preserve and remember a unique period. Within this website, you will find my collection, which includes computers, peripherals, software, magazines, books, and anything that helps recreate the atmosphere of those times.

Gotek Mount

The Gotek drive is, for retro computers lovers, one of the most useful product: you can replace a floppy drive with a device that can not only emulate it but gives the possibility to load, using an USB pen drive, every floppy image you want. Using the Gotek you can save your aging floppy drive …

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Simple Wifi RS232 Modem

The ‘Simple’ Wifi Modem it’s a device I’ve designed and built to connect a computer with a standard RS232 serial port to a telnet BBS. It does not use an analog phone line but internet through a WiFi connection. Behaves like a Hayes dial-up modem, and it is designed and built for old computers.My idea …

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